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BMI Universal Panel Saw Type TPS

BMI Panel Saw TPS has made it possible to cut panels safe and easy in better working positions.

Universal, precise and simple are the keywords for the BMI Panel Saw, in addition the saw fulfils many other demands about flexibility, safety and price that makes it the perfect saw for professionals with larger volume to medium size and very small work shops where limited space is an issue.

The BMI Panel Saw is made of a special aluminium profile to secure maximum stability while keeping weight to a minimum.

The slide on 8 ball-bearings is force-controlled and delicately adjusted in its angle by means of a tooth belt system.

On the slide is mounted a repeat ruler device that measures from the upper edge of the board. Thereby the cut item is on top and subsequent cutting is done with exact same measurements without readjustments. The measurement is done manually on a scale, but as an extra option, digital read outs can be offered in both X and Y direction.

A laser cut stainless steel turn plate, equipped with 10 ball-bearings is mounted on the slide. It turns 90 degrees with fixed stops.

Festool Dive Saw

The stainless steel turn plate is adjusted to the Festool dive saw TS 75 EBQ very easily. It takes two screws and the Festool unit is locked to the plate. Dependent on type of blade the panel saw can cut most materials ( fabrics ) with precision and perfect quality. As an extra point the slide is equipped with a spring snatch as counterbalance for smooth vertical cutting.

Flexibility and safety

The saws can connect to vacuum cleaners (see Accessories).

A very slick function is the easy tip from horizontal to vertical position.

The vertical position is particularly suitable for length cutting of material up to approximately 100 cm. width.

There is no pressure on the blade and the cut off material is easy to get to.

The position also makes the panel saw a potential extra mounting table.

The tip function of the BMI Panel Saw puts an end to bad working positions. Furthermore the risk of injury from the saw itself is minimized due to the fact that one does not hold the board, but the saw.


The BMI panel saw comes in 5 different standard sizes and can cut boards of up to 210 cm width and 305 cm length. Furthermore custom made models can be delivered upon request.

The BMI panel saw is perfect where space is limited; the saw only requires approximately 50cm more than its own length in extra space and in depth between 60 - 80 cm from the wall. The weight is between 80 - 95 kg. Special fittings can be ordered for mounting the saw on the actual wall if needed.

When not in use the BMI panel saw can easily fold up and be moved around the workshop or construction site by only two men.

This also makes the BMI Panel Saw ideal for the construction site, and instead of cutting the panels to size and bring them to the construction site, why not bring the BMI Panel Saw to the construction site and cut the panels into size exactly where you need them.

Technical data for BMI Universal Panel Saw Type TPS
Order No. Saw Board width
Board length
Total height
and length cm
TPS 125 x 255 TS 75 EBQ 125 255 180 X 350
TPS 158 X 305 TS 75 EBQ 158 305 210 X 395
TPS 183 X 255 TS 75 EBQ 183 255 235 X 350
TPS 183 X 305 TS 75 EBQ 183 305 235 X 395
TPSL 210 X 305 TS 75 EBQ 210 305 265 X 395

Order No. Description
10654 210 HM Blade Ø 190 Z 56 for fabrics
62103 054 HM Blade Ø 190 Z 54 TF Neg. fabrics + alum
65210 030 HM Blade Ø 190 Z 40 DFH for coated boards
BMI 01 Starmix Dust Collector with large container
BMI 03 Tube antistatic Ø 38 mm, 4 m
BMI 04 Tube connecting piece for saw, antistatic
BMI 05 Tube antistatic Ø 38 mm, 6.5 m
BMI 06 Tube for exhaust pr. m.
BMI 07 Tube connecting piece for entrance + exit for container

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