Manually Operated Digital Measuring System


Digtal Readout

The manually operated digital measuring system is battery operated. It is provided with a magnetic display indicating the current position. The system is available in both length and / or height direction.

The display for the length direction is mounted on the slide frame, in a better and more convenient height for reading. Normally the measuring tape for the length direction is fitted at the very bottom of the saw ( can also be fitted on the very top ) but the electronic display is mounted in the middle of the slide frame approximately one meter from the floor, so the reading has been made easier and more ergonomically correct for the operator.

As for the display in the height direction this is also mounted on the slide frame. Approximately 150 cm above the floor.
As mentioned the manually digital measuring system is available for length and / or height direction. It is not necessary to purchase in both directions. Some customers prefers only the manually digital system in the length direction and manual scale in the height. Customers can combine as they wish.


• lowest power LCD with metric and decimal-inch display
• long service life without battery change
• very small and compact design
• battery operation 1.5 VDC to 3 VDC
• display resolution 0.01 mm

 Technical alterations without prior notice reserved